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    Hi. I need your help guys.<BR>I&#039;m looking for a way to put in a variable the last line of a .txt file, located on the web, not on my server. The problem is that I can&#039;t figure how to make my way to the file. FSO needs a local path and I don&#039;t think that this object can read a file located outside on the web. Thank you.

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    Ok the only way that i can think of totally on the fly is to make some sort of page that contains an iframe, you can redirect that iframe to go look up the file and then once it&#039;s loaded read the contents of the iframe into a form field on the main page, submit this and you have the value, it could be automated too but would require browsers to be version 5.5 f ie which would make the thing a bit crap. also it wouldn&#039;t be scalable in the slightest, you&#039;d be relying on IE not crashing! it would work though.<BR><BR>Alternatively get a component that can download stuff from the web, read it then store it as a variable, if one hasn&#039;t be made then make one and i&#039;ll be your first customer :)

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    Default possibly can use the

    ado record object see devguru for example an reference.

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