Carriage Returns (line feeds), how?

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Thread: Carriage Returns (line feeds), how?

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    I am having a problem with ASP, I need to write a program that feds data to another application as lines of plain text. I already figured out that by doing response.contenttype="Text/Plain", I can write text without the html headers (wich is what I want), my problem is that I do not know how to insert a line feed at the end of every line. I tried doing a br, but inserts the text br (wich is not what I want). I tried doing it as separate response write statements, but that generates a long line of text. I know that the browser will show a long line of text even if there are line breaks, but if I do a "view source" I want to be able to have it on separate lines. Is there a way to print ascii characters using their numbers to the screen?

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    u may use vbCrLf or simple append "Chr(13) & Chr(10)" at the end of every line<BR><BR>bye!<BR>

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