How do I retrieve data from another domain server

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Thread: How do I retrieve data from another domain server

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    Suja Thomson Guest

    Default How do I retrieve data from another domain server

    I need to retrieve data from an Access database which resides on another domain.<BR>I can achieve the above task using 2 asp pages residing on both the domains and firing simple select queries to the respective databases !!<BR>But I would like to achiev this using XML.<BR>My problem is that when I create an XML file on one domain server how can I fetch the recrdset at the other domain.<BR>

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    Default Could use the xmlhttp

    object esentially still have 2 asp pages one on either domain.<BR><BR>domain1 - xmlhttp request<BR>domain2 - database with page that produces xml<BR><BR>domain1 page creates instance of xmlhttp and reuests the correct page on domain2 can pass parameters through querystring or using post. Page on domain2 runs sql query to get the dtaa then converts into xml could just use ado persistxml command to do this so domain1 page can create a recordset out of the results. XMLHTTPOBj now contains the xmloutput from the other page and can do with it as you will.

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    Sam Fullman Guest

    Default RE: Could use the xmlhttp

    Krank, I am just starting to work with xml and the xmlhttp object, in fact last night was the first time I ever used the Microsoft.XMLHTTP object and it opened up a whole new world to me.<BR><BR>The objective I have now is to read embedded data from one page, perhaps on a remote server (with permission), and query that data with another page perhaps, or use the xml to reference another table (as a RELATIONAL database does). <BR><BR>Can you elaborate on what you&#039;re talking about in this thread--it sounds like what I&#039;m looking for but also could you give me some tips on references or books that talk about this.<BR><BR>Thank you as I get up to speed on this.<BR>Sam Fullman

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    Default This may be helpful...

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