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    David Bergeron Guest

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    I was wondering something....<BR><BR>which of these two ways of adding,updating is the most efficient<BR><BR>- adding and updating using a Recordset<BR> or<BR>- adding and updating using the connection execute method<BR><BR>Tank you in advance

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    This is a suprisingly difficult question - there are many different ways of doing updates, which have different implications depending on how many updates you&#039re doing at once, what sort of database engine and connection you&#039re using etc. There is, however, a very good article benchmarking 6 different strategies on ASPToday at which you might want to have a look at.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Dunc

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    Marty Weel Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>If you are using SQL Server..<BR><BR> I have had the most luck updating records with stored procedures and ado.<BR><BR>-Marty<BR><BR>

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