Is there any way to easily iterate through the Files and Folders collections in alphabetical order? I want to display a listing of files and/or folders in a directory. The names of these files/folders are based on dates (i.e. 199911 for November 1999) so it would be nice to have these in order. Right now they&#039re coming out jumbled (i.e. 199910, 199912, 199911). I&#039d really prefer not to have to write another chunk of code to go and sort all the entries manually. Here&#039s a piece of the code I have now:<BR><BR><BR>whichFolder = server.mappath(strPath)<BR>Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>Set f = fs.GetFolder(whichFolder)<BR>Set folderCollection = f.SubFolders<BR>For Each folder in folderCollection<BR> response.write<BR>Next<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be much appreciated!<BR><BR>