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    hello all of u.<BR>i have installed sdk on my machine (operating system-98)on e: drive.<BR>and made one directry named e:csharp and one file named 1.cs in that directory.<BR>and from command prompt i typed e:csharp>csc but i shows me error bad filename or wrong command.<BR><BR><BR>can anybody tell me how compile c# file<BR><BR>tell me whole procedure.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    Use the command line compiler: csc<BR><BR>Depending on what you C# file does, you may need to specify different command line settings for the compiler. You can see all of the options by doing:<BR>csc /?<BR><BR>This should get you started:<BR><BR>csc /out:Myfile.exe /r:System.dll 1.cs<BR><BR>Any luck there? If you get a problem with that (and with csc /?), saying that the file csc couldn&#039;t be found, then you need to setup your PATH variables correctly.

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