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    Hello, i work for a web hosting company that runs 100% windows 2000 network, that needs to give its resellers Priviate DNS Name Servers. So for example: hello.com wants to give its customers there name servers instead of ours ( NS1.hello.com & NS2.hello.com ) how can i do this in DNS? And what is needed ?<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR>tamer@hostingc.com

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    U can give a host header name in the IIS for ur customer&#039;s website space. if ur server name is www.xyz.com, then u can specify ur customer&#039;s space to be customer.xyz.com.<BR><BR>this u can specify by creating a new website in the IIS, and choosing the same IP as ur main website and FILLING up the host header name box to customer.xyz.com<BR><BR>cheers<BR>Ganesh

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