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    While sending Email with attchment by CDONTS object,I am getting an unspecified error.<BR>Probelm is that when I am trying to get temp folder of an attachment file through file system object&#039;s getspecialfolder method.<BR>Here I am putting temp folder of local drive as a parameter in the getspecialfolder.<BR>If I put any folder within inetpub as a parameter, it won&#039;t be give any error.<BR>I am creating a text file on my local hard drive and send it as an attachment with Email.<BR>so please help if u have any solution.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Manish

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    Default permissions issue

    the context of the currect user would appear to not have permissions on the temp folder. add the permissions if you can.<BR><BR>j

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    I fixed it, this is not a permission issue. I was not getting a correct path of the folder which I wanted to set.<BR>so I put path properties insted ot name of the folder.<BR>Anyway thanx for supporting me.<BR><BR>Manish

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