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    Hi,<BR><BR>Just a few queries:<BR>- I am developing a site that allows a user to register and access the site. It also allows them to view their profile and make changes if necessary. <BR><BR>When they select profile, they are firts directed to the login page which verifies their details. They are re-directed to the main page. How can I allow when they select profile or any other secure page and so after their details have been verified to be directed to that page e.g.<BR><BR>Profile -&#062; Login -&#062; Verify -&#062; Profile<BR>History -&#062; Login -&#062; Verify -&#062; History<BR>and so forth<BR>rather them being directed to the main page<BR><BR>The second query is that I have the name of each page stored in a single asp file hence I only have to make changes to that single file. It is fairly easy to have the following done<BR><BR>&#060;title&#062;&#060;%=title1%&#062; &#060;/title&#062;<BR><BR>I wish however to access the titles from the database. Is it possible rather than me creating separate sections of code<BR><BR>e.g select * titles<BR>&#060;title&#062;rs &#060;%=title1%&#062;&#060;/title&#062;<BR><BR>Hope I was not too long here<BR><BR>thanks<BR>

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    As far as the first one, a solution is to put values into variables on your login page. What you do on the login page is have a variable named something like <BR><BR>var_page_from = request.servervariables("http_referer")<BR>var_pag e_qstring = request.servervariables("querystring")<BR><BR>var_ redirect_page = var_page_from & "?" & var_page_qstring<BR><BR>then you pass that variable to your verify page. <BR>On your verify page you check to see if the length of the variable after being trimmed is greater than 2, if it is, redirect the user to that page, if not, redirect the user to the home page, or whatever.<BR><BR>mj

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