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    I want to create a recordset that will list four columns. The first three columns are static and the third could be edited - i.e., shown as an &#060;input type=&#039;text&#039;&#062;.<BR><BR>I want to change/modify multiple fields in the recordset, and then have the submit button update all of the changes. I have read the UpdateBatch method and have even looked at some "sample code" from some of the ASP websites. This is very confusing.<BR><BR>Can anyone show me how to do the following?<BR>1) connect to an access database<BR> - I know how to do this but I may be missing something that is<BR> specific to the UpdateBatch method<BR>2) allow the recordset to be updateable<BR>3) save all the changed records.<BR><BR>I&#039;m assuming that this can be done in two pages.<BR><BR>I can update individual records one at a time, but I&#039;d like to be able to update all the records if I choose to.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    If you want to send the recordset back to DB with a field updated then you can populate 3 hidden form fields with the static data and populate a text field with the editable data. Send these 4 pages to the next page where the UPDATE statement can be carried out. If you need help with the DB connection or the UPDATE syntax then click the link to 4guys at the top right of the page.<BR><BR>Jay

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    Hi Jay,<BR>Thanks, but I may not have been clear in my question. I want to create an ASP page that will list a record set, say of ten names. Each row in the recordset will have 4 fields (columns) that match the database. The first three columns for all of the 10 names cannot be changed, but the for each the fourth one would be displayed as an &#060;input&#062; field.<BR><BR>From this page the user could change all or as many of the fourth column values as he/she wanted to --&#062; then click a save button that would update all of the changes to the database.<BR><BR>So can this be done? or do I need to rethink how to do this. Again, the 10 names is only for this example, because when different users open this page, the total number of names displayed is based on their access level.<BR><BR>Am I making any sense?

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