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    Following the tuorial:<BR><BR>I am trying to set up so I can have the results of my form<BR>emailed to me.<BR>The question I have is on this CDO service more<BR>specifically, I have IIS5.0 on Win2k and the tutorial talks about<BR>"Collaborative Data Object, which ships with NT Option Pack 4. To make sure you have it installed, go to Start / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / NT Option Pack 4, and see if the SMTP Piece has been installed."<BR>SInce I have Win2K where do I get this? My web server is seperarte from my MS Exchange server so I take it that this option is loaded on the IIS box?<BR>Thanks!

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    CDO is a default option when you install Win 2000. It is referred to as SMTP Service. If you want to make sure it is installed, you just need to go into to the Management Console for IIS and view the list of severices running.

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