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    nez Guest

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    Hi, <BR><BR>I am building an ecommerce site and till recently didn&#039;t take notice of a feature that allows the person to view their cart however what I am noticing is as follows: <BR><BR>1) An unregistered user adds item to cart <BR>2) Hits review button and review items in cart <BR>4) Sees the product they added<BR>3) Leaves it as it is<BR><BR>Now, I try adding the item as follows: <BR>1) Login in as registered user <BR>2) Hit the review button <BR>3) The item added in by the unregistered user is in my cart <BR>4) Why is this? <BR><BR>nez<BR><BR>

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    Capt'n O Guest

    Default Line 778, char 34

    ***?<BR><BR>How are we supposed to know? Obviously it&#039;s a bug in your code, but you don&#039;t say where/what/why in the code you suspect it&#039;s happening.<BR><BR>So until you do, check out line 778, char 34... that&#039;s probably your problem.

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