Hey there<BR> Listbox DTC with VI 6.0 SP3. Because the control would not populate when I returned the recordset I&#039ve had to do my own pre-pop based on a value in the recordset. This works fine,but when I try to update the recordset based upon a new selection in the listbox (listbox1.getvalue(listbox1.selectedindex)) only the value of the listbox was in the pre-pop is ever reflected in the DB. I chose this method because adding code to the listbox&#039s on_change event round-tripped me to the server, AND in using an HTML control ie &#060;OPTION&#062; I was having problems accessing the client-side properties ie Request.Form() of the HTML dropdown when coding the server-side(ASP) submit button. Now if that&#039s about as clear as mud you can reach me at:<BR>dthomas@qeddata.com<BR><BR>Cheers and thanks in advance for the help