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    Is there any way to access (read/write) a file&#039;s comments? I don&#039;t see any method/property in any of the File System Objects.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default What file comments???

    Files, per se, don&#039;t *have* comments.<BR><BR>".doc" files and other "OLE Containers" have comments, but they are *NOT* part of the file system. They are just special reserved places *within those types of files* that hold comments (and there are many such "reserved" places in OLE Containers).<BR><BR>To read them, you have to treat the file as an OLE Container. But remember, it is *not* just files that can be OLE Containers. Ordinary strings can be treated the same way. In fact, what you really want is something that can interpret an OLE Stream (if I remember this all correctly from 4 years ago).<BR><BR>Anyway, the FileSystemObject was created to deal with *files*, not with OLE Containers. <BR><BR>Note: You can see this for yourself. Using the "Windows Explorer" or "NT Explorer", RIGHT-click on a ".doc" file and select "Properties". Indeed, one of the tabbed panels in the dialog that appears is "Summary", and you can see the "comments" section of the file. But now do the same with, say, an ".html" file. Guess what! No panel labelled "Summary"! Explorer *is* an OLE application, and it looks for OLE Containers. <BR><BR>Now go to the MS DOS prompt and try to get "Summary" information about any file. You can&#039;t do it.<BR><BR>FSO functions more like the MS DOS prompt than it does like Windows Explorer.<BR><BR>

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