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    im trying to sort a database alphabetically by one field. using SQL, i can get it to display the records alphabeitcall but i cant get them to stay in that order. here are is my sql<BR><BR>SQLQuery = "SELECT * FROM Employees "<BR> SQLQuery = "SELECT Employees.*, Employees.BAR FROM Employees ORDER BY Employees.BAR ASC;"<BR> rst.Open SQLQuery, dbConn<BR><BR>if i just run that and display it, it will be alphabetized correctly but the databse itself will not stay like that.. is there a way with sql to make the changes stick? i was considering using UPDATE but im not sure how to put it. thanks for any help =D

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    do you even know the first thing about SQL and the db.<BR><BR><BR>what you are doing it SELECTING the data and NOT making ANY changes what-so-ever to the db.<BR><BR>You HAVE to do an update and honestly it is not a simple one and involvs what i would say is a considerable amount of code.<BR><BR>why not just leave it as it is and jsut use the order by to selct the data?<BR><BR>

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