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    Default application Variable in VB + ASP

    I heard that it is possible to access in VB, the application Variables set from ASP.<BR>I am badly looking for how to do it.<BR><BR>Please Advise.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Tom

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    Default RE: application Variable in VB + ASP<BR><BR>"a simple directory browser component"<BR><BR>shows how to access the intrinsic ASP objects from VB conponents<BR><BR>j

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    Default Use Application.Item(.....

    For accessing (say) the ASP Application Object, use the following syntax.<BR><BR>Dim oContext as ObjectContext<BR>Dim oApp as Object<BR><BR>&#039;Get the IIS Object Context from MTS Runtime.<BR>Set oContext=GetObjectContext()<BR>Set oApp=oContext.Item("Application")<BR><BR>&#039;Now we can use the ordinary ASP syntax<BR>oApp("MyVar")=1100<BR><BR>Thanks and regards,<BR>Siva

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