Is there some kind of bug with IIS 5/Windows 2000? I&#039;ve been writing ASP code that does a standard insert into MS Sql Server 7.0 and retrieves the identity<BR><BR>sql = "INSERT INTO tablename (....) values (....); SELECT @@IDENTITY"<BR>Set rs = objConn.Execute(sql).nextrecordset<BR>id = rs(0)<BR><BR>This worked perfectly for months. In December we upgraded to Windows 2000 and now my code sporadically (but often) inserts two or occasionally even 3 identical records (w/ identical timestamps) into the table. Everyone I post this to says that there is no reason why it should insert two records, but it does continually in all pages that I use it! There are no loops in the page, no triggers in the database, the page is not being submitted twice, the submit button is not being clicked twice. This error is completely killing my applications and has been for months. I can see more and more people asking the same question on message boards, but they never seem to get it resolved. I&#039;ve tried all kinds of different ways to fix it - using the rs.addnew and rs.update method to insert values instead - but the problem still occurs. If anyone has any idea what is happening please help.