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    I have some code that worked perfectly with WinNT. However, we are migrating to Win2000 Server and this code no longer works. Does anyone know why?<BR><BR>Set oObject = CreateObject("AceLink.cAceLink") ...breaking here can&#039;t create object but the SetUp.exe was run and the dll is installed and in the registry.<BR> <BR>oObject.executable = "C:ACEWorksheets.exe"<BR>oObject.Server = ""<BR>oObject.Database = "Claims"<BR>oObject.ClaimNumber = "&#060;%= Claim %&#062;"<BR>Result = oObject.RunApp<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default probably permissions problem...

    You most likely have to give explicit permissions to your IUSR_??? on the DLL itself.

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