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Thread: Run WJVIEW.exe from an ASP Page

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    Default Run WJVIEW.exe from an ASP Page

    Does anyone know how to code an asp page to run an executable file on client side? I need you run the WJVIEW.exe program to figure out what version of java they are running, or is there another way to find the version without running Wjview

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    Security risk.. you cannot run programs on the client&#039;s computer... how would you like ME to be able to execute your scandisk.exe or your regedit.exe program while you are surfing? Nah.. not a good idea right? Plus, ASP is only Server-Side.. it cannot open things like Print Dialog boxes... it&#039;s sad but true... you leave this to Javascript (client side).<BR><BR>Vadim C.<BR><BR>

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