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    how to query a date from database?<BR>eg: Select * from Table where date &#060; 13/02/2001. <BR>what should the date be stored as? string or integer?

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    Date should be stored as DATE ?<BR>Am I missinf something or is it you?

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    Select * from Table where date &#060; 13/02/2001<BR><BR>Firstly, this would try and select values from a text field called date. This will mean that you won&#039;t get proper checking on the less than part, so you need date to be stored as a date/time field. Secondly, if you&#039;re using MS Access then be warned that date is inadvisable for a field name, because it is a Microsoft reserved keyword. If you need to access it you will need to say [date]. So, if you are using Access, make the query this:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Table WHERE [date] &#060; #13/02/2001#<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Chris

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