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    i have some problems to connect my machine to lan can u give me some idea?????

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    Default It's people like you that...

    ..ruin this forum everyone, This forum has gone downhill in the last few weeks and its down to a few, if not one person!<BR><BR>You know who you are.<BR>

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    Default relax Interferer ...

    ...dont be so self-righteous

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    it is really very easy.<BR><BR>All you need is a piece of bare wire.<BR><BR>First, track the power supply of your computer from the machine to its source (normally situated low on the wall or a floor port, although any power socket would do at a pinch.<BR><BR>Then, remove the computer plug from the power socket.<BR><BR>Insert the bare wire into the live socket (you may need to first lever off the protective plate).<BR><BR>Wet your hands<BR><BR>Turn on the socket<BR><BR>Problem (ours at least) solved.<BR><BR>

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    Default I don't agree with that.

    I think that this forum went downhill a long time ago, that&#039;s why I don&#039;t post here anymore, and hardly ever bother to answer questions.<BR><BR>Too many people use this forum as a cheap substitute for MSN Messenger for me to hang around here much at all.<BR><BR>I was quite lucky, I learnt what I needed to know before this room got so noisy (I guess that&#039;s why I come back from time to time - for Nostalgic purposes). Mind you I don&#039;t agree with Bill Williamson when he says that the room should be regulated via a membership or whatever.<BR><BR>Anyways - I guess for the people that really want to learn, there&#039;s always new challenges :)

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