conversion (StrConv(XMLData, vbUnicode)) in append

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Thread: conversion (StrConv(XMLData, vbUnicode)) in append

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    Parthasarthy Narasa Guest

    Default conversion (StrConv(XMLData, vbUnicode)) in append

    The below mentioned code is used. It works fine but does not store the xmlstring as the datatype of the column is Blob.If I use the commented code at appendchunk then there is an error.Give me a solution as to how i can store a xmldata as a Blob in the database through the update method. <BR><BR> adOpenStatic = 3<BR> adLockOptimistic=3<BR>Set rs2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") <BR>rs2.Open str1,con,adOpenStatic,adLockOptimistic<BR><BR>rs2. AddNew <BR> rs2("Acct_Req_ID") = Accreqid &#039;is primary key<BR> rs2("XML_Data").AppendChunk(XMLData)<BR>&#039;Code works fine in VB(.AppendChunk(StrConv(XMLData, vbUnicode))<BR>&#039;how do i use it in asp.<BR> rs2("XML_Data_Length") = Len(XMLData)<BR> <BR> rs2.Update<BR>&#039;***<BR>Want to use this VB code in asp<BR>IIf((IE_Flag = "I"), InitFlowDocID, RectFlowDocID)<BR>can you suggest equivalent code in vbscript.

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    Default Iif.....

    Private Function Iif(con, yes, no)<BR> If con = true then<BR> Iif = yes<BR> Else<BR> Iif = no<BR> End If<BR>End Function<BR><BR>not rocket science.<BR><BR>and you&#039;ll need to convert the dta in the other question into a binary form. not 100% sure is VBScript is capable of doing that easily.<BR><BR>j

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    Part5hasarthy Narasa Guest

    Default RE: Iif.....

    Thanks Atrax<BR> I have done the same for my requirement but wanted to know if any inbult equivalent function like in vb was available

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    Default if there was, i would have told you

    there&#039;s not - you could have verified this by reading the manual - see<BR><BR>j

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