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    I have one recordSet object in my script. I use it for several queries and updates.<BR><BR>My question is: Do I have to close "rs.Close()" the recordSet object after every query or update? Or would I run all the queries and updates I want, and only close the object at the end of the page.<BR><BR>Cheers, Alfred Low<BR><BR>PS: Apologies to Atrax (and the MessageBoard in general). I was not aware I cross-posted and it definitely was not intended.

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    Hi,<BR><BR>U can use the same recordset object for different kind of operations in ur script. However, u need to close the current scope of ur recordset and make it available for the next operation that u need to do. So will do something like the following...<BR><BR>SET rs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR><BR>r "select statement" &#039; recordset opened to fetch some records...<BR><BR>now if u need to use the recordset to do another job then u will have to close the recordset like..<BR>rs.close &#039; u need not do a set rs=nothing<BR><BR>then again open ue recordset to do another job.<BR><BR>Lastly u will close the recordset and set it to nothing to releive all the resources that it is holding<BR><BR>Ganesh

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