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    Here&#039;s the situation....<BR><BR>Considering my site consists of primarily ASP files, I&#039;m afraid search engine spiders won&#039;t be able to index it beyond the first page (index.asp). I see a lot of spiders visiting, but they only peek at the robots.txt file and nothing more.<BR><BR>What I&#039;d like to do is write a script to dynamically generate static html files and then use the response.redirect function of ASP to serve up the static files. Will the search engines index the static files or will they consider this a spam site since so much redirecting is going on?

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    well, a lot of spiders can&#039;t do 302 redirection, so that may be a problem. there&#039;s a good article on search engine optimisation on - i&#039;d take a look if I were you.

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    Valuable link, indeed. Thanks mate! I learned a lot from that article.

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