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    I have looked over the messages across several boards and can&#039;t find a similiar question, so here goes.<BR><BR>I wish to create a &#039;temp view&#039; for a submit form. That is, I wish to have a client fill out several text fields (Post Date, Subject, File Name) and then browse the local machine directory to locate a file. Once that&#039;s all done, I wish to enable the client to view the information with a link to that file ***prior*** to submitting the information to the database for production.<BR><BR>Is this possible? I&#039;ve never had to do this before and therefore am very ignorant on this issue.<BR><BR>Any help or directions as to where I can receive help is appreciated!<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Bruce

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    Default Just mark the record... "Not yet complete."<BR><BR>That is, go ahead and add the record as soon as you get the info...or even pieces of the info. But have one field that, by default, says "this record is not yet complete." And any time you do searches, etc., you only SELECT records WHERE isComplete=True.<BR><BR>Once a day, or so, you "sweep" the DB looking for records more than 24 hours old that are still not marked isComplete and delete them.<BR><BR>This is a *LOT* less trouble than using a separate table for this purpose.<BR><BR>

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