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    How can I pass two words, with a space between them, in a Response.QueryString?<BR><BR>When I try to do that I only get the first word.<BR>Request.QueryString("Two Words") only returns Two.<BR><BR>Any suggestions???

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    Hmm the value should pass over fine, putting either a + between the words or something like two%20words. Are their any single quotes involved? Bust the code.<BR><BR>Thank you come again!

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    Default TheCode

    &#060;a href=ByCity.asp?City=""" & rst("City") & """ class=&#039;submenu&#039;&#062;<BR><BR>In the browser the link shows up as El Paso, but when you click the link, it only passes &#039;El

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    &#060;a href=ByCity.asp?City=&#039;" & Server.Urlencode(rst("City")) & "&#039; class=&#039;submenu&#039;&#062;<BR><BR>you should always urlencode querystrings when passing them if they contain anything other than letters or numbers, to include spaces.<BR><BR>mj<BR>

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