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    Hello,<BR>I want to pass data from a form to another. I don&#039;t want to use submit in each form. for instance, if someone logs to the site, after logging, i want to show some hayperlinks in the bottom of the page, where you can just press a link, you go and see more details about the person, who logged in. I can do that only by submitting data via text boxes and submit button....I don&#039;t want that way. Someone told me to use the session way here, and I did that, but this doesn&#039;t help at all, cause I still pass data by buttons. assume my next statements are those one the web:<BR><BR><BR>Welcome Mr. .... To my site....<BR><BR><BR>inbox(hyberlink)-outbox(hyberlink)<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>in the previous page, I want, if he clicks inbox, a page open, but only about that user, who logged in.<BR>Thanks

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    check into using querystring variables for this.

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