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    Hello,<BR>I am doing a project, where I have to post a database on the web. The home page is a page where a user has to enter his username and password (database security). Then, he will be logged in. My problem is, I can only get the user information through text box and submit buttons. For instance, if he wants to browse his report under his username, he has to submit that in a text box, although he might have submitted prior. I don&#039;t want it that way. I want him as soon as he logs in he finds many links in the bottom of the page, of which each link can take him to his customorized page, instead of enetering his data many times. For instance, when you log to hotmail account or yahoo account mail. After logging in, you can press (hyperlink) inbox to see your inbox messages, without having to entering your username and password again..............I hope what I said makes sense...........<BR>thanks

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    For this kind of work, sessionvariables can be very good:<BR><BR>When an user logs in succesfully you do this (in login.asp):<BR>-------------------<BR>session("UserID") = 25 &#039;[example]<BR>-------------------<BR>then in on the top of every page pages that needs login you do:<BR>-------------------<BR>if len(session("UserID")) = 0 then <BR> response.redirect("login.asp?returnpage="& request.servervariables("SCRIPT_NAME"))<BR>end if<BR>-------------------<BR><BR>in login.asp you add this:<BR>-------------------<BR>[validate the password/username from the user and set the session("userID")]<BR>strReturn = request.querystring("returnpage")<BR>response.redi rect (strReturn)<BR>-------------------<BR>In this case the first time an user visits an page which needs him to be logged in he is redirected to the loginpage.<BR><BR>Peter<BR>

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