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    I have a mailing list in an Access database on a stand-alone machine with about 3100 names in it. I have an update page which list all of the records, with the last name as a hyperlink which thwe user can click on to do an update for that person. It works, but to load the page of 3100 names the first time takes 2-3 minutes. If I page the results (say 100 per page) will this speed things up? Does it still go through all of the records before it loads the page, or just 100 at a time?

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    WHY would you do it that way???<BR><BR>Why don&#039;t you give the user the letters A-Z, let them click on that, present them with names starting with that letter (and split them again if more than 30 or 40!), etc.<BR><BR>And think for a second: If you present 3100 names and each name needs (say) 100 bytes of HTML, then your user has to receive 310,000 bytes. Even with a 56K modem, that&#039;s about 60 seconds *minimum*. <BR><BR>Even if the database access weren&#039;t any faster (and it will be *IF* you do the right things with the RecordSet), just sending 1/30th as many bytes of HTML would have to have *some* effect.<BR><BR>But get smarter about the entire procedure. Scrolling through 3100 records makes no sense at all. I, personally, would never ever use your site if you made me do that.<BR>

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