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    I am calling a xml document in a asp page. In my xlm document, I have products catergorized by product_id. I want to create a button that when click will grab (query)and display all data for that specific product_id.<BR><BR>rayfusion

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    I would try this approach:<BR>(1)store the xml document in: a cookie, a session variable, or a hidden field within the HTML(so that the XML will not be lost).<BR>(2)when the user selects a product submit the id to the server, have the page submit to itself<BR>(3)use server processing to display all data for the specified product_id.<BR><BR>number 3 is very general and probably not very helpful. I would need to know more about how you are displaying your XML. Are you looping through a DOM, are you using XSLT&#039;s, or some other method. <BR><BR>is the display for the product lengthy, how many products are being displayed at a time, is the display opened in a new or the same window, what clients do you have to support?<BR><BR>a simple solution might be to convert the discription portion of the data into hidden DHTML layers, then through client-script hide and show the descriptions on click(in this scenario no post-back would be needed. and the user wait time would be less )<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>

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