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    Hello,<BR> I am given the task of creating a powerful search engine for a website.It contains thousands of product codes.How can relate each of them to the web page in ASP?Could you please share with me your ideas and suggest me the website names for tutorials for search engines.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.

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    Default RE: Creating Search engine for a website y=1%2C+2%2C+3%2C+4&blnResetAllVariables=TRUE&txtMa xNumberOfEntriesPerPage=10&txtCriteria=search&cmSe arch=Search&optSort=Alphabetical&chkCodeTypeZip=on &chkCodeTypeText=on&chkCodeTypeArticle=on&lngWI d=4

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    A search engine.<BR><BR>If they were that easy, do ya think Google would be as popular? Do ya think their programmers came on here and asked how to do it?<BR><BR>Bottom line: It&#039;s cheaper to buy an existing one.

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