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    I have two names and two values for my submit buttons. <BR><BR>name = Submit1 value="Complete"<BR>name = Submit2 value="Go_On"<BR><BR>With the code below, when i click either button Insert_More_Questions comes up, instead of Insert_More_Questions coming up for Submit2 and Confirmation coming up for Submit1.<BR><BR>Do you see the problem?<BR><BR>if request.form("Submit1")&#060;&#062;"" then <BR> submitter="Complete" <BR>else<BR> submitter="Go_On" <BR>end if <BR> <BR><BR>Select Case submitter <BR> <BR>Case "Complete" <BR> response.redirect("Confirmation.asp") <BR> <BR>Case "Go_On" <BR>response.redirect("Insert_More_Questions.asp") <BR> <BR>end Select

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    I never used two submit button like that. How about making a Hidden field, then in onClick of "Go On" set its value to 1

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