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    Default IIS & SQL Performance

    One of my potential customers is asking how many concurrent users can be running the software they are considering purchasing from my company. I understand that this is a loaded question, because there are so many variables...<BR><BR>But, has anyone seen any reliable performance benchmarks on ASP applications that interface with SQL Server? I am obviously not looking for a perfect answer, but perhaps a ballpark estimate given a certain machine&#039;s specifications.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default Depends on three things...

    1. Proper programming techniques used.<BR>2. Plenty of RAM<BR>3. Plenty of CPU<BR><BR>ASP/SQL Server are very efficient if coded properly.<BR>If 1-3 are handled appropriately, you could run 10,000 simultaneous users with about much problem at all. Most likely more...

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