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Thread: disabling a list box upon selection

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    Hi,<BR>I want to disable a listbox upon a certain selection. I have tried client side script:<BR> %&#062; <BR> &#060;script language=vbscript&#062;<BR> sub cboNewsPaper_onBlur<BR> if cboNewsPaper = "NWOTH" then<BR> cbonewspaper.disabled=true <BR> else<BR> end if<BR> end sub<BR> &#060;/script&#062;<BR> &#060;%<BR>but it does not work

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    Default RE: try on change event

    I have successfully done this before on the on_change event...here is my working code...<BR><BR>jose<BR><BR>Sub selectpercent_onchange<BR> &#039;set Completed field to Yes<BR> if frmUpdate.selectpercent.value = "100" then<BR> frmUpdate.selectCompleted.value = "Yes"<BR> frmUpdate.txtDateCompleted.value = date<BR> &#039;now allow user to classify task<BR> frmUpdate.SelectCategory.disabled = false<BR> frmUpdate.SelectSubCategory.disabled = false<BR> frmUpdate.hidCobol.value = "Sun"<BR> frmUpdate.SelectCategory.focus <BR> else<BR> &#039;disable category fields until user completes<BR> frmUpdate.SelectCategory.disabled = true<BR> frmUpdate.SelectSubCategory.disabled = true<BR> exit sub<BR> end if<BR>End Sub

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