First of all, thanks so much to Scott Mitchell for showing me how to display the &#060;TITLE&#062; of an HTML file in my search results. The code is finding the title tag and listing the title in place of the objFile.Name in the Search results. The problem is, the title displayed is of the document before it in the list, however the link is correct. So for example, my search results list the Site Map (link sitemap.htm), Contacts (link contacts.htm), and the What&#039s New page (link new.htm) in that order. However, the search results for the contacts.htm link will display the title for the "What&#039s New" page, and so on. Pretty strange,and I can&#039t figure it out. Here&#039s the code:<BR><BR>dim iStart<BR>iStart = InStr(1, strFileContents, "&#060;TITLE&#062;", 1)<BR><BR>dim strTitle<BR>strTitle = Mid(strFileContents, iStart+7, InStr(iStart, strFileContents, "&#060;/TITLE&#062;", 1) -iStart -8)<BR>Response.Write(strTitle)<BR><BR>How do I fix the code so the correct title displays with the correct link?