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    Default Is there anything better than the Application Obje

    I have read about thread affinity, etc. with regard to the Application Object of ASP, but I never hear that there is an alternative for what it does?<BR><BR>Is there?<BR><BR>Is there a solution, without thread affinity?<BR><BR>Is there any other way to maintain an in-memory cache of COM+ objects whose properties and attributes are accessible to every page?<BR><BR>Some other kind of "global" object or something?<BR><BR>Note: databases, or files won&#039;t do, I need a large, in-memory structure that stays in memory..<BR><BR>Assuming that the App Obj is it, is there a way to minimize the impact of the thread affinity?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Tom<BR><BR>

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    Default Hmmm...Is XML an option?

    . I doubt the overhead would be more than keeping actual objects up in memory even if they are free-threaded.

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    DeltaTom Guest

    Default RE: Hmmm...Is XML an option?

    Don&#039;t know what I would use XML for..<BR><BR>The data will live in a relational database on disk, <BR>and is best dealt with as COM+ objects in memory.<BR><BR>What would be the motivation to:<BR> - generate XML<BR> - parse XML<BR><BR>No, it MUST be in memory.. there is no time for <BR>disk i/o and parsing a huge structure on every page<BR>load... don&#039;t think that will work.<BR><BR>-----<BR>It must be "BETTER" than the application object at<BR>storing a rather large (10&#039;s-over100 meg)in memory<BR>structure.<BR><BR>Hey, maybe the App object is the best there is with<BR>ASP..???<BR><BR>Maybe do better using IISAPI??<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Tom<BR><BR>

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