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    Is there a rule with the DELETE statement not to mix up table elements as can be done with a SELECT statement, so I must use a subquery as so:<BR><BR>SELECT * <BR>FROM COUNTRY_RECRUITMENT AS CR<BR>WHERE CR.COUNTRY_ID=<BR>AND CR.PROTOCOL_NUMBER=<BR>{<BR> SELECT CD.COUNTRY_ID, CD.PROTOCOL_NUMBER<BR> FROM COUNTRY_DETAIL AS CD<BR> WHERE CD.PROTOCOL_NUMBER=&#039;Protocol&#039;<BR> AND CD.REGION_ID=19<BR>}<BR><BR>If so, then what is the problem with the statement above? The error message I get is: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Syntax error or access violation<BR><BR>Please advise. Thank you in advance to kind SQL guru respondants.

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    Default What's with the {}

    I really believe t-SQL doesn&#039;t use { and }, that gives the the syntax error [just use ( and ) ]<BR><BR>But I don&#039;t understand your question, could you be more specific about the DELETE part??<BR><BR>Peter

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    I want to delete a record that requires the process of a WHERE inner join between two tables, so I suspect that a subquery is required to do so. Am I allowed to put a where clause in the DELETE statement to join two tables for the comparison of two fields or does the DELETE statement preclude the WHERE clause from being used at all?

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