Ok as you guys said i did it and transaction logs are suppose to be cleared now but i have the same size of the transaction log as i had before but this querry didn&#039;t had resulted any errors though . the querry i ran was :<BR><BR>(sp_dboption &#039;databse name&#039;, &#039;trunc. log on chkpt.&#039;, &#039;true &#039;) <BR><BR><BR>=========================and the result was============<BR>Checkpointing database that was changed.<BR>DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.<BR><BR>------------------------------------<BR>so what went wrong. can you please tell me as my trnsaction log is still of the same size as it was berfore and i am unable to perform in database as i get the erro that yr transaction log is full and clear the space.<BR>thank you