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    hi<BR><BR>I am making a discussion forum where I want to send email to all<BR>the members of my forum at fixed time(will it be possible that<BR>email be send automatically daily at same time?If yes then how?).<BR><BR>I want to store the messages from all the members in a text file<BR>and finally send the content of that text file to all the members.<BR><BR>Please tell me how I can do it.If there is any article related<BR>to my query than please let me know about it.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Prakash<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: ASP email ?????????

    I am looking to do a similar thing... I want to automatically send reminders to people in a database at a fixed time (ie. five days before birthdays) Anyone have any ideas or pointers to articles...

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    Default more basic emailing

    hi, i am only trying to make the very basic email function work. i thought it should be straight forward, but i must have missed something more general. my email did not get delivered [it is not a problem of the recipient&#039;s email address], nor i received any error msg while the script was executed. below is my code:<BR><BR> Set objNewMail = Server.CreateObject ("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> strRecipient = "" <BR> strSender = strServerName & " at " & strServerAddress<BR> objNewMail.Body = strErrMsgBody<BR> objNewMail.To = strRecipient<BR> objNewMail.From = strSender<BR> <BR> objNewMail.Send <BR><BR>what&#039;s missing? thanx.

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