How to start an ASP programme?

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Thread: How to start an ASP programme?

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    Dip Guest

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    I am new to ASP and like to know how can I run an ASP programme. I have Windows 95 OS and internet connection in my PC. <BR>In reply to a question it is suggested to download PWS for a machine with Windows 98 OS.<BR>But actually how can I run a programme (with &#039.asp&#039 extension) even if I download pws. And from which site can I download pws?<BR>Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance.

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    To run an asp programme save it as .asp file and then deploy into your wwwroot directory of PWS which is the default directory. Now in the browser address window you can give the address as http://localhost/filename.asp, this way the html code that is generated by running the asp will be visible on the browser.<BR>About pws you can download it from microsoft&#039s site, exact url I dont know.<BR>Hope this will suffice for you

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    Sreevani Guest

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    Hi, I am also new to asp Programming and I did what U said, I copied my test script file(test.asp) to the wwwroot directory of PWS and tried to run from the browser with address you wrote but I got the standard &#039the page cannot be displayed&#039 message. Do u think there is something wrong in my setup of pws? By the way what does the localhost mean for my system, is it different for every system or is it typed literally as it is as part of the address? Will appreciate a quick reply and thanks a lot in advance

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    Ramesh Pulapaka Guest

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    localhost points to C:Inetpubwwwroot folder in your desktop. When you copy your test.asp file into that folder and type in the browser: "http://localhost/test.asp" you should be able to display the page. Make sure the Personal web server is running before doing that.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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    kitana Guest

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    but Ramesh, i did just that but i got a message that prompts me to download the .asp file come??<BR>what&#039s wrong , man?

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