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    Does anyone know how to set up a page so that a file can be downloaded from a browser? <BR>I&#039;m posting MP3 files on a web page and I would like users to be able to click on the file name and download it.<BR>Right now, I&#039;m using the following code: <BR>&#060;a href=&#039;MP3s/The Best of Me.MP3&#039;&#062;The Best of Me&#060;/a&#062;. <BR>When you click on the file name, since it&#039;s an mp3, the system trys to play it. I would like to have a screen pop up asking if the user wants to download the file.<BR>Thanks in advance

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    ask the users to right/click save target as<BR><BR>OR <BR><BR>try and zip all your mp3 files so that when a user clicks on it the dialog box will apear<BR><BR><BR>Other then that I don&#039;t know how to, never did it :(

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