Hi All<BR>I am through with a component which creates a directory then <BR>takes the query executes the query and saves the recordset in the Xml file (aa.xml) then i read this file and take it as a foem of an String. then this string is passed back to client where it reads and does the same process again now when i do all this with VBP in Vb Environment things are fine Everything is through. But when i form a dll and try then it gives me an error saying XML source incomplete.<BR>Now It is not even like Dll is not instantiated it does that <BR>i know this bcoz in code it creates a directory and deletes the earlier file if there so i can see it does that and even it fires the query which it recieves from the client.This i could know by the Trace(SQL Profiler).<BR><BR>Dont understand why it doesnt create file and why is it giving error , tried it with NT,98,2000 same errors.<BR><BR>Its very urgent would be thankful for appropriate response.<BR><BR>