want to send fax through asp code

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Thread: want to send fax through asp code

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    Default want to send fax through asp code

    How should i send a fax through asp page at a particular time thru asp pasge

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    Default Use Windows Script Host, not ASP


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    Default to clarify

    ASP is inherently unsuited to scheduled execution. this is what you use WSH for, with task scheduler. see http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/<BR><BR>as for faxing, you&#039;ll need <BR><BR>a) proprietary asp/fax software<BR>b) very nifty low-level programming skills to interface with whatever modem happens to be attached to your machine. think C++ and driver development<BR>c) a third party email-to-fax provider<BR><BR>j

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    Default to clarify his clarification

    he&#039;s right!!!

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    Default To be even clearer...

    If you had to ask the question, it is probably too complex for you.

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