should i do this ? pls confirm

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Thread: should i do this ? pls confirm

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    Default should i do this ? pls confirm

    I just wanaa reconfirm that i should write this line in my querry analyser <BR><BR>----------------------- <BR><BR><BR>sp_dboption &#039;databse name&#039;, &#039;trunc. log on chkpt.&#039;, &#039;true &#039; <BR>------------------ <BR><BR>exactly like given above and it will not affect my data in the database and it will only clear my transaction logs. I am so scared bec this will be on a live databse i dont want all my records to go away or database to stop functioning. <BR>please let me know <BR>thx <BR>steve

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    Default if you're worried.....

    ... back up the DB first.<BR><BR>j

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    Default RE: should i do this ? pls confirm

    Hi steve.. <BR>sorry for late reply.. actually i am very busy with my work... <BR>for your probelme do one thing.. <BR><BR>1) open sql server enterprise manager <BR>2) DO TO YOUR DATABASE <BR>3) right click -&#062; all tasks-&#062; shrink database <BR>4) in the window goto shrink files , one files button is avilaible , click on that button. <BR>5)select the your database log file (ex. databasename_log) <BR>6)in that window you can see current size and space used size <BR>7) in shink action , select shink file to current size. <BR><BR>then click on ok button., <BR><BR>then you will get pop windown saying that "shink log file completed sucessfully" <BR><BR>i think this will solve your peobleme... still you have any probleme please contact me at ( <BR><BR>happy programming.. <BR>bye.. <BR>have a nice day. <BR>kiran. <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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