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    i need to refresh the page every 5 mins. Here&#039;s JS for that:<BR>&#060;script&#062;<BR>window.setTimeout(" location.href=&#039;temp.asp&#039;",2000)<BR>&#060 ;/script&#062;<BR><BR>The problem is that this needs to be dynamic that that instead of temp.asp, it is the current page name + the querystring. OK, so i should just user server vars to grab that, pop it into the JS.<BR><BR>The problem is the way this app is set up, i can&#039;t use server vars, we are programming through a script tag. Long story there.<BR><BR>Anyone know how to get the current pagename + query string through client side JS?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    go to<BR><BR>look in the codelibrary.<BR><BR>there&#039;s a function called IM_Querystring() which mimics that ASP querystring client-side.<BR><BR>from there, it&#039;s just simple concatenation.<BR><BR>j

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