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    Allen Weiss Guest

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    I have a 200 page web site that uses asp and an Access db (call it appoint.mdb) that&#039s been running on the nt computer at my university. The connection string I use on my web pages is simply<BR>Conn.Open "dsn=linkbot2"<BR>and someone at my university has associated linkbot2 with the database. Everything works fine.<BR><BR>Now I want to put this site on my home nt server. The question is this: I don&#039t want to change anything on the web pages (in particular the connection string), so how do I associate linkbot2 with the database (appoint.mdb) on my server? Is this done through ODBC? and if so, is there any specific advice I need to make this work on the nt server? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated (including books that might address this).<BR>Thanks,<BR>Allen

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    Espen (epsen@hotmail.com) Guest

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    What you need to do is to set up the Odbc DSN on your machine. <BR><BR>To do this go to: <BR><BR>Control Panel -&#062;<BR>ODBC Data Sources -&#062;<BR>System DSN -&#062;<BR>Add -&#062;<BR>Choose MS Access Driver -&#062;<BR>Name your DSN linkbot2 -&#062;<BR>Select your database -&#062;<BR><BR>And you are done!<BR><BR>Tell me if you want to know how to connect to db&#039s without DSN, which makes moving between sites much easier.<BR><BR><BR>Espen

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