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    I have to develop an application in 3 tier.<BR>Like, Cliet &#060;-&#062;Middleware &#060;-&#062; DataBase<BR><BR>The application will be used abt about 300 users at a time and I can not afford that much connections to the database. What I want is <BR>a) let the middleware query the database and keep the results in middleware (Not in a physical file but in some memory locations). This process has to be done every minute.<BR>b) All the clients should talk ONLY to the middleware and satisfy the individual client requests<BR><BR>As we know first part (a) is easy. What about the second part. any Suggestions ?<BR><BR>If any one can help me with any other design, Please. I am waiting for you.<BR><BR>any docuemts / Links for this information are high;y welcome.<BR><BR><BR>

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    milind Guest

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    this (b) is a typical requirement of MTS applications. Make yr business logic objects as .dll s and deply them in MTS. make and break connection on per method call basis. use transaction object context for transaction maintenance . well ....Normal scalability tips of MTS applications apply. <BR><BR>hope this is of assistnce .<BR><BR>can you tell me why u say the part (a) is easy ? can u tell me how to implement that ? any resorce/article/book/link will be highly appreciated. <BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    Eze Kiel Guest

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    Isn&#039;t this just a 3-tier app as Microsoft so often tells us about? U should make a data object for each component which queries the database and secondly you should make a collection object, through which you can store data, depends on the size of the data though. There&#039;s a book about this topic which fully explains your questions, Microsoft Press&#039; Designing Component-Based Application (along with 100&#039;s of others though)... that should basically tackle anyhting you need! Any questions? EzeKiel_1000@hotmail.com

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    three tier architecture is all about combining mts,client-server.<BR>This is as good as any other client-server application.

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