I would like to call a dll from an ASP but I&#039m having problems.<BR>In VB 5.0 the code is very simple<BR><BR>Declare Function SendMsgIP Lib "rripmsg.dll" (ByVal szIP$, ByVal szAccount$, ByVal szPwd$, ByVal szCo$, ByVal szSystemID$, ByVal szDesc$, ByVal szDevice$, ByVal szNetwork$, ByVal szSubject$, ByVal szMsg$) As Long<BR><BR>Then call it <BR><BR> x& = SendMsgIP(IP$, Account$, Pwd$, Company$, ServerID$, ToDescription$, ToAddress$, ToNetwork$, Subject$, Message$)<BR><BR>How can this be done in an ASP<BR>It doesn&#039t seem to recognise the Lib command