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    RHunt Guest

    Default a href colors

    How do you keep hyperlinks from changing colors if has been visited.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Capt'n O Guest

    Default Train them well.

    It takes patience, mind you.<BR><BR>Or you can check out CCS properties of A.

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    RHunt Guest

    Default RE: Train them well.

    A little more info if you please

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    . Guest

    Default RE: Train them well.

    alink=, vlink= and link=... tee hee, you have to figure the rest out yourself.

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    RHunt Guest

    Default RE: Train them well.

    come on...feed me Symore!<BR>help a guy out...

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    Default RE: Train them well.

    You&#039;re going to have to check this out yourself in the documentation because I can&#039;t remember the exact syntax right now, but it&#039;s something like:<BR><BR>&#060;STYLE&#062;<BR>A:visited {text-decoration:none;color=yourcolorhere}<BR>&#060;/STYLE&#062;<BR><BR>I&#039;m almost certain this isn&#039;t right, but it should be **** close to what you need... check out the ref over at Microsoft.

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