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    I am facing a peculiar problem not faced before.<BR>It deals with building a shopping cart with cookies.<BR>this cart is used in a local intranet where a lot of cookies are stored at the time the user checkes in<BR><BR>Now when i start building the cart based on the user selections :<BR>iPartNumber = Request.form("partnumber")(nLoop)<BR>Response.Cook ies(iPartNumber)("QUANTITY") = Request.Form("quantity")(nLoop)<BR><BR>So far so good, <BR>but when I go back to collect all the user selections I FIND THAT I GET BACK ONLY 7 TO 10 OF THE SELECTIONS IN THE CART INSPITE OF ADDING ABOUT 25 AND ABOVE PRODUCTS INTO THE CART.<BR>AND STRANGELY THE MORE I ADD, THE OLDEST SELECTIONS ARE LOST.<BR><BR>Collecting contents of the cart like this:<BR>For each ZZZ in Request.Cookies<BR>If Request.Cookies(ZZZ).hasKeys<BR> for each KEY IN rEQUEST.COOKIES(ZZZ)<BR> if KEY = "QUANTITY"<BR> .....SO ON AND SO FORTH.....<BR>WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM?????? SOMEBODY HELP !!!!!!!!!

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    Default cookies are restricted in size

    and not even slightly practical for shopping carts. use a database instead.<BR><BR>j

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